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The Masters Octave Non-Profit

Our Mission

Provides Artistic, Cultural, and Spiritual Developmental Opportunities to Enrich Our World.

Our Vision

A world where everyone can access their God-given abilities.


Our Principles

  1. Demonstrate love for all humanity.
  2. Focus on individual growth.
  3. Advocate for affordable artistic, cultural, spiritual developmental.

Who We Are

The Masters Octave partners with people all over the world, to help build a better future for humanity by providing life changing educational online courses.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It


Meet Our Presenters

Jay Layton
Jay Layton

Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Creator of "The Soul's Dream"

Marina Jacobi
Marina Jacobi

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Artist, Entrepreneur

EXPAND… yourself, enhance your potential, intrigue your mind, open your heart, express your dream, actively love your body, and intentionally expose you and your family to both ancient and contemporary wisdoms designed to heighten your vital living, vibrant loving, and meaningful wholeness on a daily basis!

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Karen Borga
Karen Borga

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Artist, Entrepreneur

 Jessica Sánchez , MD
Jessica Sánchez , MD

Multidimensional Healer, Medical Intuitive

Jeremy E. McDonald
Jeremy E. McDonald

Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Public Speaker,

 Joseph LoBrutto III
Joseph LoBrutto III

Psychic Medium, Healer, Entrepreneur

Nicole Frolick
Nicole Frolick

Inspirational speaker, intuitive life coach

Hillory Skott
Hillory Skott

International Holistic Astrologer

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Messengers Of Hope

Night of Hope Healing Laughter

Featured Initiatives

The Souls Dream Q&A REPLAY 6.5.19

Some of the topics discussed on May 8th Q&A where Why seeing everything as Energy is a game changer.  How Psychic and Profits are able to see into the future. Expanding more on the Stars. What to expect moving into the age of Aquarius and the Bronze age. ** Send...

The Souls Dream Q&A REPLAY 5.22.19

Some of the topics discussed on May 8th Q&A where What is the purpose of life? Music & its influence on us. Expanding more on the I AM? The upswing in consciousness upon entering bronze age! Explanation of this Matrix/Unified field? ** Send your questions...

This week in Astrology – With Hillory Skott

May 8 -16 2019.  Busy Mars moves into home loving Cancer and Venus moves from Firey Aries into contented Taurus.  We are supported by earth energy now. The power to manifest is always at our disposal, but now it's working in obvious tangible ways.  What are you...