This Course will give you and  introduction of who we are and what we are made from.  How to use the collective infinite quantum structure to manifest and implement that in your daily life.   It will give you understanding of your reality and how you can construct and deconstruct your thought and emotions to manifest anything you wish.  You will learn the bylaws of the universal structure given to me form the Higher structure of existence above our perception of  3 Dimensional Earth plane.  This new teaching are for the New 5th Dimensional Earth and how to match the timelines of our consciousness and body unit in one structure.  You will learn how to connect with your higher self and your Galactic family , how to heal your body and how to structure water through Hz and Sound with the help of the Guidance The Council of Nine , The 11 Dimensional Beings or your Galactic Family.

  The Higher Dimensional Beings will help us through your questions.
We as beings of light – sound – vibration are limitless to infinity to our potential.  In order to manifest and understand of who we are we need to learn to perfection the quantum structure of our existence.  Because in the quantum structure every particle of what we are made form has a specific place because creation is 100% pure.  
So then WE ARE PURE.