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Hillory Skott

International Holistic Astrologer

Host of the Everyday Astrology Podcast


I discovered Astrology in the early nineties. Linda Goodman’s, Star Signs was my first introduction to the subject. I was astounded with all I learned about myself and my loved ones. Who knew such information was even possible! Unknowingly I had begun a lifelong relationship with a deeply complex subject. As life unfolded I studied. Always Astrology offered wise guidance, always there was an answer for whatever question I had.

It has been year after year of amazing discovery. I was hooked on useful solid otherworldly advice. Learning to identify past life influences through the birth chart has been endlessly life enhancing. Seeing my own self sabotaging tendencies helped me counteract my own weakness. Without Astrology my life would be less amazing – and Life should be amazing!

After 7 years of intense study, I began to practice professionally. I specialize in psychological astrology and help people identify the roots to many nagging life issues. Once the roots are identified we can pull them out with simple awareness.

My work is always solutions oriented- I don’t predict so to speak- rather empower the client to realize personal choice and power to create their reality.

I often focus on evolutionary issues- from the perspective of your soul accomplishing certain tasks and life lessons in this incarnation. This can be identified by Pluto and the nodal access in the Natal chart.

I have studied and use in practice the work of renowned psychologist and author Tracey Marks, as well as Jan Spiller, Jeffery Wolf Green, Dane Rudhyar, Sue Tompkins, Donna Cunningham, and Barbara Hand Clow. My Library is extensive and well worn.

I have had the opportunity to teach, write, speak and even host a radio show about a subject I find endlessly helpful. It is my intention to make Astrology useful in everyday life; to share what I know to help others grow and evolve through Joy and Love rather than pain and struggle.

Many Blessings of Love and Light

Hillory Skott.