Jason Layton

President on the Board of Directors of The Masters Octave non-profit Spiritual Life Coach, Metaphysicist, NLP Practitioner, Author, Ordained Minister, Motivational Speaker, and the creator of “The Soul’s Dream” online course

My quest for the answers to the age-old questions, “Why are we here” and “Where do we come from”, began at a very young age for me. When I was a teenager my mother introduced me to a metaphysical group called ” The Masters’ Octave”. We would gather weekly and partake in channeled information. It was then that a major shift took place within me. I had the urge to study things like meditation, dreams, and astral travel. I began meditating daily. My meditations provided me with profound insight and guidance, and I knew it was time to share this information.

When I was 26 I became a channeler at “The Masters’ Octave”. The group quickly expanded to two nights a week, giving me more opportunity to share my insight as I channeled my I AM presence. I compiled all my channelings from that first year into a book, “I AM, Understanding Who & What You Are Vol.1”. A short time later my second book, “The Quick Guide to Oneness” was printed. I was growing rapidly but I still felt like I was missing something. Although the information I was channeling was wonderful, at the end of the day it was just information. I wanted to transform that knowledge into WISDOM. I also wanted a greater connection to my Higher Self more than just a sporadic connection once or twice a week when I sat down in front of the group. I knew it was time for a change, so in 2010 I stepped away from traditional channeling.

Being a channeler gave me the opportunity to connect with my higher self and explore my subconscious mind. I discovered that in order to make lasting changes in life you had to go directly into the subconscious mind, and getting into a relaxed state scientifically know as  Alpha & Theta brainwaves were the fastest most reliable way to make lasting changes in our lives. I began learning, studying, and practicing everything I could about the Mind-Body connection.

In 2019 I released the online course called The Soul’s Dream it is the result of my discoveries from my research from the past 25 years. The course is an amazing compilation of information that completely describes the inner workings into our deepest reality. The course is 100% free. I believe everyone should have access to this information so it is his gift to humanity.

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