Nicole Frolick

Inspirational speaker, intuitive life coach, co-host of the Enlighten Up podcast, creator of the self-transformative program AlcheME

Nicole also is the author of Inflexible Me: Expanding Past the Inflexible Barriers of the Body, Mind, and Soul. 

Nicole believes in being the model of the change you wish to see in the world and demonstrates that through living authentically. Coming out of the spiritual closet in 2016, she has used her youtube channel as a platform to speak her truth and share her experiences and knowledge that have lead her through a transformative process of self-alchemy. Her deepest joy comes from sharing this process with others through her intuitive coaching, tarot readings, a variety of online courses available in her Inflexible Me Academy including her latest program called AlcheME, guided meditations, her book Inflexible Me, her weekly podcast, enLIGHTenUP, and her latest series on vulnerability called ‘Raw & Real’.

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